Project//Ecoweek2011 | Workshop31

The last few weeks have been quite intense -having participated in Ecoweek2011- and posting seemed to be out of schedule. I am finally able to share my experiences from my participation in ecoweek 2011 conference and Workshop31!

It was the first time i have got involved in something outside my university and I am really happy I’ve been part of it.

About Workshop31

”Participants in the workshop will collaborate in a design of a full-scale urban intervention, an actuator of social interaction in relation to urban ecology, landscape,densities and sustainability. The workshop, focusing on innovative design tools and technologies, will encourage experimenting with material and environmental performance across the city’s waterfront. This prototype will be site-specific, identifying local urban challenges and social issues, addressing opportunities and limitations related to materiality, performativity, interactivity and environmental dynamics.”

Intervention A

Our site analysis pointed out that the view of the White Tower Dominates the waterfront promenade.

Our installation located 200m from the tower is taking advntage of the effect of reflection in order to tranform the waterfront stairs into a more private observation spot of the Tower.

Five additional mirros are set to reflect the sunlight at 3 o’clock in the afternoon creating a light path that guides you to the defined sitting area.


IMGP3896testing the mirrors

taking pictures for the final video

taking a break

Here is a stopmotion video of all the three interventions.enjoy


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