Hybris Nemesis Katharsis | Marios Tsiliakos-Silena Patsalidou

Just another ten minute break…It seems that free time is running pretty low lately…

Hybris Nemesis Katharsis is the entry of two young and very talented greek architects Marios Tsiliakos and Silena Patsalidou for the eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2011.

Although I am against the construction of high rise buildings in the city of Athens especially when the proposed site is a public space, I have to admit that I find this project highly intriguing!
The architects’ perception of the socially sidelined as well as the sensitivity of the concept seem to be able to outcame my objections! Enjoy!

Situated in the lately-turned-into-ghetto area of Omonoia square, Athens, the proposal aims in the “urban revitalization as well as the rehabilitation of certain social problematic groups of people and their entranceway to the normal life” by providing shelter, food, health care and even employment.

source: archisearch

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