Photography | Jeremy Blakeslee

Jeremy Blakeslee’s photos document America’s industrial era in a magnificent way. His work successfully combines motion and stillness, light and dark creating fantastic compositions that take your breath away! Abandoned mines, power plants, rail systems, cancelled nuclear factories even entire cities are captured in his photos  revealing a forgotten/hidden world now in decay.

Here is how Blakeslee describes his work.

“I want to have a different relationship with the built environment. I’m constantly searching for where a city’s history is buried, seeking out the truth of our urban existence, something that most of us have lost touch with. I continue to search out (and often access undetected) these spaces and bring them to others in photographs.

I am addicted to that immutable tendency of all things to fall apart…as well as for finding creative ways to showcase our past as a means of gaining a deeper appreciation of our present. I look forward to sharing the research, knowledge, and experience that goes into this practice in hopes of encouraging others to look at their surroundings a little bit differently.”

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source: bestmadeprojects
credits: Jeremy Blakeslee


One comment on “Photography | Jeremy Blakeslee

  1. Emad
    September 19, 2011

    Nice !

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