Kinetic Sculpture | Strandbeest//Theo Jansen

“The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds.”

Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest is perhaps the most fascinating piece of art I have come across lately.

His work, an amazing mix of engineering, art and science, focuses on the creation of new forms of life.

His life-like creatures that resemble giant insects or mammoths are made of flexible plastic tubes, soda bottles, nylon thread and adhesive tape. Powered only by the wind the Strandbeest can live on their own and move around freely on the beach.

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Designing these creatures requires high skills in engineering and biology and is  primarily done into a computer. After 20 years of devotion on this project, Jansen has managed to create more complex forms of Animaris that are capable to move around on their own indentifying their position on the landscape and even adjust to the enviroment and the cycles of nature.

Jansen’s ambition is to create more and more complex creatures that will ultimately develop muscles, a nervous system and a brain capable to survive on their own and even evovle passing down to the next generations their capabilities and knowledge.

check out his presentantion in TED Conference in 2007


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