Designlevelzero: One-Year-of-Operation Special

For 12 months I have managed to keep this blog focused on things out of the ordinary.

…until now…

This is the house of a wealthy Mexican businnesman…blah…The two-storey building dominates the landscape….blah…Living rooms and a kitchen occupy the ground levels, while bedrooms, bathrooms and an office are located on the floor above…blah…

MTV is said to be paying big money to include it in MTV CRIBS

his back yard pool

A cavelike basement includes a secret swimming pool and a wine cellar

Every respectful businessman is a cat lover.

mr and mrs whiskers cuddling



Every respectful businessman has a large collection of artwork displayed in his living room. Handmade ornaments are the rule.  (not a crime, mr Loos.)

Sunday afternoon tea parties are a wonderful opportunity to show them off.

NOTE: successful businessmen are always religious.

Tennis, golf, sailing are so last year. Life-like Police and Thieves is now THE ULTIMATE game for rich people.

CAUTION: be careful OR things may get out of hand

FOR THE KIDS: MONOPOLY XXL/ Lifesize Vaults and lifelike money will keep the occupied for hours (ok, maybe days) and you and your friends will be able to sip your tea.


(these pictures are actually footage from a mexican drug lord’s home after having been raided)


One comment on “Designlevelzero: One-Year-of-Operation Special

  1. κατερινα
    January 9, 2012

    να τα κατοστησεις! 🙂

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