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Danish architect, author, and collage-artist, Nils-Ole Lund, has become internationally known for his experimental collage that explores the downsides of modern architecture and technology. Through his collages, he satirizes and criticizes the negative effect the architecture profession can have on landscapes, cities, and individual houses. Lund was influenced by the Scandinavian Modernists of the 1930s. As an architect his specialty was the history of modern architecture with an emphasis on Nordic conditions.

Lund began making collages in the 1960s, but his stay in St. Louis as a visiting professor in 1976 drastically influenced his collage-making, and he became an increasingly professional collage artist, producing more than 900 collages by the year 1990. He believed that through his collages he was able to discuss his ideas “in a more direct way than by writing articles, giving lectures or even designing houses”.

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“When I start making collages in most cases I have one or two basic pictures, two contrasting images, the rest is added, ideas, details, accessories”.

source: collage and architecture

A special thanks to socks studio for sharing it in the first place!


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